Celebrating Swing Dance!     24th - 26th June 2016

The Sydney International Swing Dance Festival, dubbed "Australia's Boston Tea Party" unites old and new school - vintage and contemporary - Swing Dances across 3 nights, in 2 superb ballrooms, all at 1 conveniently located hotel.

West Coast Swing
Diego & Kellese


Diego Borges is from Fortaleza in Brazil. Kellese Key is from the USA and is a multiple time US Open champion. They were both named as part of the 25 West Coast Swing Dancers to watch in 2015 making names for themselves through exciting careers - and placing fifth in their last US Classic Routine entrance in 2014 to a Queen hit!

Lindy Hop
Ramona & Kieran


Ramona Staffeld & Kieran Yee were a massive hit at the first Sydney International Swing Dance Festival. They are an exciting, fun couple, who's passion and professionalism is equaled by their knowledge, skill and entertaining personalities.



Nick Williams has embodied the passion and spirit of swing dancing ever since his first lesson in 1998. Nick was honored to be recognized by the California Swing Dance Hall of Fame and has choreographed for the TV show So You Think You Can Dance.

Carolina Shag
Michael & LeAnn


Michael Norris and LeAnn Best, have been dance partners in the Carolina Shag for 20 years winning countless USA Grand National and National Shag Dance titles. Michael also won the Classic Swing Division, at the US OPEN in 1999 with partner Ginger Pickrel, and in 2007 with Kellese Key. In 2007 Michael and LeAnn won the Shag Division at the US OPEN for the 5th time, and also won the TEAM SWING Challenge.